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We offer a range of professional mental health services in Boca Raton, Florida that encompass the diagnosis, referrals for integrative wellness, and pharmacological treatment of various mental health conditions.

Female suffering from uncontrollable thoughts

Initial Psychiatric Evaluations

We strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation.

elderly woman reading medicine prescription

Medication Management Follow-Up

We provide dedicated follow-up services for medication management to ensure ongoing support.

woman feeling thoughtful and overloaded sharing problems with psychologist

Psychiatric Services for Healthcare Programs & Facilities

Trust us to provide you with comprehensive and dedicated services.

happy psychotherapy session


Let us discuss and explore your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Cheerful positive guy having conversation with therapist

Rehabilitation (PSR)

We help individuals with psychiatric conditions to improve their overall quality of life.

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IV hydration allows for quick and efficient delivery of fluids, medications, & more.

Vivitrol Injectible

Post Detox Care Vivitrol Injection

We provide all-out support to individuals in their recovery from substance abuse.

Image of DNA strand against background with human hands

Genetic Testing

We provide insights into genetic factors contributing to mental health conditions.

White Shepherd dog with first aid kit on couch in clinic

Certification of ServiceAnimals (ESA Letter)

Promoting a partnership between humans and service animals for enhanced well-being.

female psychiatrist comforting senior man crying during therapy session

Primary Care Work Up

Comprehensive evaluations to address mental health concerns with personalized care plans.

male psychiatrist touching on stress patient woman shoulder to cheer up him from sadness

Physical Exam

Integrating physical health assessments for comprehensive mental wellness support.

African american psychiatrist sitting in armchair and talking to female patient

Immigration Paperwork

Expert assistance with mental health-related documentation for immigration purposes.

therapist and patient

Management of Primary Care Contritions

Professional management of mental health conditions alongside primary care needs.

weighing scale and tape measure

Weight Loss Programs

Get comprehensive weight loss support integrated with your primary care needs